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Screws directly onto your factory threaded muzzle (M22x.75). 

(NOTE: This is a Tapco manufactured FCG that has been modified by Tromix to fit the Saiga, and also includes a Tromix shepherds crook and disconector spring which is not supplied in the standard Tapco FCG.)

This FCG will operate in the following Saigas:
12 guage, 20 guage, .223, 5.45x39 and 7.62x39.

Not for use in the Saiga .410 or .308

Watch out for Chinese counterfeit parts!

This bolt-on handle fits over any AK-47 charging handle, to give you a better grip while charging your gun.

Installation Instructions-
1. Run the set screw completely through the handle, until it drops out into the center bore. That will ensure that screw is not stopping on any foreign debris left over from sand blasting.
2. Clean and degrease both the threads in the handle and the set screw with contact cleaner and allow to dry completely.
3. Apply red #262 Lock Tight to BOTH the set screw and the threads in the charging handle.
4. With the bolt carrier installed in the receiver, slide the Tromix handle over the OEM handle and start the set screw. Slowly turn the set screw inward as you wiggle the handle in order to allow the set screw to find the "sweet spot" in the saddle of the OEM handle.
5. Using a large 4.5" long allen wrench, hoss that screw down until you think it's about to break. It won't.
Now available in Smooth finish as well. (As Shown)

(All parts are U.S. made except the OEM handguard and HK sights)


HK Rear Sight Base w/Extended Picatinny Rail (weld-on) $150
Does not include HK sights.


XS Sights - Tritium Front, Ghost Ring Rear $120
(must have HK type sights installed)

Galil Charging Handle $45

(Weld Install)


Trigger Guard $15


Tromix Stock (Aluminum) $135 


Tromix Stock (Aluminum) with Limbsaver  $180


Fire Control Group $49


Receiver Back Plate $15


Shark Brake Door Breacher $85
(Saiga 12ga.)


Bolt-On Oversize Charging Handle $23


Pistol Receiver Block-Off Plate $15
(Requires Welding)


Disconnector Spring $3


Limbsaver Recoil Pad $60
(For Tromix Buttstock)  


Shepherds Crook $3


Saiga-12 Flash Hider  $85 

No International Shipments.

To place an order for Tromix Saiga Parts please contact  Tromix  at: (918) 543-3456

Tromix Saiga 12ga Shotgun Parts