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In the past we have primarily built only new Tromix rifles and upper receiver assemblies, however due to customer demand for other general Gun-Smithing needs we have added some additional services.

Barrel threading All barrel threading is done with the barrel removed from the receiver and turned on centers. This allows for precise thread alignment with the bore, so the user can install muzzle brakes and sound suppressors without fear of having a bullet strike. Barrel muzzles are also cleaned up and re-crowned after the threading operation is complete. This works equally well with flash hider attachments as well.

  • Bare barrel threading $45 

Flash Hiders/Muzzle Brakes We manufacture our own line of Tromix large bore Sledgehammer Flash Hiders and Muzzle Brakes. These units either employ a 5/8x 24tpi thread for the .458 SOCOM rifles, or a 3/4"x 24tpi thread for the 50 Beowulf and 50AE. See accompanying pic for a sample of each.

  • Tromix A1 Big-Bore Flash Hider $40 (Parkerized steel)
  • Tromix Big-Bore Muzzle Brake $85 (Matte stainless)

In addition to the large caliber muzzle attachments, we can also thread your barrel and install a new A1 or A2 style flash hider to your .223 caliber rifle. Threading services are as listed above, plus the cost of the flash hider itself.

    Pricing :
  • A1 .223 Flash hider w/lock washer $10
  • A2 .223 Flash hider w/peel washer $13

Note: There are countless options regarding .223 flash hiders and muzzle brakes. If you are looking for something in particular, let us know and we will get it for you.  All pricing does not include return freight which usually runs about $13.

Parkerizing We can also have your barrel or other STEEL items parkerized while at the Tromix shop for other work. Please call or e-mail for specific pricing.
Barrel Fluting
We are gearing up to do barrel fluting and should have the necessary equipment on line very shortly.

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