Lead delivery systems

The Tromix Corporation was founded by Tony Rumore to simply build quality firearms and accessories for recreational purposes.  It is commonly overlooked that most all of the rounds ever fired in  the lifetime of a firearms enthusiast are simply for “fun”.

- Tony Rumore

That being said... Tromix Lead Delivery Systems are not for the faint of heart. These firearms pack a serious punch. So, in the event you prefer mild mannered shooting, we suggest a small popgun or maybe an Air-Rifle. However if you are a person that likes the flash and roar of a heavy thunder storm in their very hands, then you will love what we have to offer.

First and foremost, Tromix believes that a firearm or related product should entertain its user, and in the event such a refined product such as ours should stand out in the fields of hunting, self defense, home offense, or other such activities, so be it. Hence, Tromix cares not if it fits a specific application, as long as it is fun and entertaining to the user. We feel excessive noise, blast, recoil and a good fireball are a prerequisite to an invigorating shooting experience.

Tony Rumore

Founded in 1999 by owner Tony Rumore, Tromix has quickly become the most dominant force in Saiga rifle and shotgun customization. With literally hundreds of custom combinations available to suit your every need, we can create a Saiga that not only performs like you need it, but looks cool as hell just sitting in the gun rack. You can have a gun built fairly mundane and conservative or go full out with some sophisticated equipment.

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