Tromix is now taking Saiga-12 conversion orders for 2016.  Lead time is only 90 days..!
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Tromix is now offering Midwest Industries
MI-G3 M-Lok hand guards for AR's

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Our flagship product line is based on the insatiable Saiga shotgun. Like the Micro-12 gauge sporting an 8” barrel, HK battle sights, and a Tromix shark brake door breacher. Our Micro shotguns will cycle low base target shells as well as the stoutest 3” magnums. Feeding from a 10 round box magazine, this CQB arm is second to none.

The traditional tube fed short barrel shotguns have never been very popular due to them suffering a huge loss in magazine capacity when the barrel is shortened. With the advent of the detachable box fed Tromix Micro-12 gauge, you have an UZI size weapon, with the reliability of an AK-47, packing the knockdown power of a 12 gauge while still maintaining a full 10 round capacity.

Since the early days, Tromix has been a pioneer in the big-bore AR-15 market, producing our Sledgehammer series of rifles in calibers including the 357 AutoMag, 44 AutoMag, 44 Rem Mag, 440 CorBon, .458 SOCOM, .475 Tremor, and 50 Action Express. We continue this innovation by producing our own Tromix built parts in our select specialty weapon platforms.

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